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Synapsis - Quasar Lux Symphoniae

Abraham - QLS

MIT - Quasar Lux Symphoniae

The Enlightening March - Quasar Lux Symphoniae


The Dead Dreams - QLS

QLS - Story


Listening to the music of QLS, formerly know as Quasar Lux Symphoniae, provides an experience which won’t leave you cold. Their music, hardly suitable to be enclosed in one genre or “school”, is generally either loved or hated. In any case QLS’ music stirs up strong emotions, due to its intense melodies, or to the particular mix of styles including classical music, 70’s Rock, Progressive Rock, or even to the technical quality of their performances and the originality of their works.

Quasar Lux Symphoniae was born in 1976 through the initiative of Roberto Sgorlon, frontman, lead guitarist and voice of the band till the present day. In 1988 the entry of Paolo Paroni, at that time young and promising composer, organist and orchestra conductor, determined the decisive turning point for QLS, which soon became one of the few bands able to perform difficult covers of Emerson Lake & Palmer and of Peter Gabriel's Genesis, as well as complex arrangements of pieces by Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven. QLS grew until they became a band with a strong stylistic personality, documented by a series of works, from the rock opera Abraham to the last album Synopsis, the latter being an homage to the group's various periods of composition styles in over thirty years of life.


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QLS, Synopsis – Now available!

Synopsis - Quasar Lux Symphoniae  In 2006 the leader and founder of QLS, Roberto Sgorlon, suggested that we celebrate the band's 30th anniversary with a musical tribute album showcasing QLS' evolution with a special emphasis on the past styles of the band. At first, I wasn’t convinced. The album Abraham represented a dramatic turning point in QLS' style and the thought of revisiting the styles of the past didn't initially appeal to me. In addition, many years had already passed since our last creative effort.

However, the embers of true love always burn at the bottom of the heart, so I accepted the challenge and sat at the piano with Roberto at my side as collaborator, “outer ear”, guide, and as an ideal audience. We worked for two years composing seven new pieces. We started with two songs which we believed should determine the new densely melodic QLS style, first writing Arcano, based on a theme by Roberto, then on to Islemind. But the real fun started when it came to paying tribute to the earliest stylistic stages, the psychedelic and the hard rock periods. It was a question of looking at the past without neglecting our present-day creative abilities and the result of this wedding was the birth of Oblivion and Snake Dream.

After that, it seemed natural for us to draw our inspiration from our glorious rock opera, Abraham, to compose Moses followed by Flighting Thoughts, based on an acoustic guitar riff. Eventually, we decided to give the album a daring and unique overture and wrote Rhapsody and Fugue, exploring the effect of a rock band playing a real four-part fugue in baroque style.

At the end of the creative stage, Roberto regretfully confided in me that he wished to leave the band in order to fully dedicate himself to his spiritual path. It is with a mix of joy and sorrow that I thank him for everything he has done, and heartily dedicate to him Synopsis. Nobody but Roberto could have persuaded me to write music for this extraordinary band, and I couldn’t have accomplished this without his help and support.

Paolo Paroni


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